About Chris and Wendy

Rev. Wendy Van Allen is a 2014 graduate of One Spirit Learning Alliance's Seminary and a 2019 graduate of the Interspiritual Counseling program. She received two bachelor's degrees from Rutgers University, and will graduate with a Master's in Clinical Counseling degree from Saint Bonaventure University, Olean, NY, in August of 2023. In addition to counseling, Wendy is a certified Intuitive Consultant from the Holistic Studies Institute, New York, NY. In addition to serving students at 1Spirit ISCC, Wendy teaches and serves students at Grace Theological Seminary, an independent Catholic online seminary incorporated in Florida. Wendy’s spiritual traditions are Earth-based and include initiation and practice of Wicca, Lukumi, and Spiritism. As a former archaeologist, Wendy has a strong interest in the intersection of culture, spirituality, religion, evolving human consciousness, social justice and environmental concerns. She lives in Kingston, New York, and offers private interspiritual counseling services, classes and workshops from her home, Soul Blossom Center. She is the author of Relighting the Cauldron: Embracing Nature Spirituality for the Modern World, published by Llewellyn’s Worldwide Publications in early 2023.

Chris is a practicing Pagan, Spiritist and a lay Buddhist. He took refuge at the Temple of Enlightenment, Bronx, NY. He is a talented intuitive and practices 12-step Recovery. Christopher enjoys Nature Spirituality, being in Nature and making spiritual-themed videos. He is a Truck Driver for Western Express. Follow him on TikTok!

Wendy and Chris are excited to welcome our friends at our home in the Hudson Valley, Soul Blossom Center. 
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