About Chris and Wendy

Rev. Wendy Van Allen is a certified Interspiritual Minister and Counselor from One Spirit Learning Alliance. She is a long-time practitioner of Earth-based Spirituality and has been initiated into an eclectic Wiccan Tradition and is a daughter of Obatala in the Lucumi Tradition. Wendy is also a practicing Spiritist and Intuitive Consultant and studied at the Holistic Institute in New York City. Wendy practices 12-step Recovery. She is currently enrolled in the Master of Clinical Counseling Program at Saint Bonaventure University. Her book, "Relighting the Cauldron: Embracing Nature Spirituality for the Modern World," is due out with Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers at the end of 2022. Wendy works in the People & Culture department at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. She also teaches classes in spiritual counseling and nature spirituality at Grace Seminary (online); and is a supervisor in the One Spirit Interspiritual Counseling and Companioning (ISCC) Program at One Spirit Learning Alliance in New York City.

Christopher is a practicing Pagan, Spiritist and a lay Buddhist. He took refuge at the Temple of Enlightenment, Bronx, NY. He is a talented intuitive and also practices 12-step Recovery. Christopher enjoys Nature Spirituality and being in Nature. Chris is a Teamsters Driver for Sysco Food Systems.

Wendy and Chris are excited to welcome our friends at our home in the Hudson Valley, Soul Blossom Center. 
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