About soul blossom center

Soul Blossom Center is our home and community space located in Ulster, New York.

A rural escape right outside of Kingston, Soul Blossom Center is a place to refresh and reconnect with nature, re-calibrate with the Seasons, and renew your Spirit. We host a Wiccan Circle which and teaching grove, with monthly Circles and Sabbat Holidays. This is open to men and women to share Earth-based wisdom and traditions and develop a sense of balance and relationship with each other and Mother Earth. Soul Blossom is also an Ile, a spiritual home for Lukumi tradition, where the Orishas are honored and revered in Nature. As embodiments of the forces of Nature, the Orisha help us to balance our own inner natural forces and rhythms so that we may optimize our life and achieve meaning and purpose. Soul Blossom is also a home office for Wendy for spiritual counseling.
We have a monthly ongoing circle on Zoom. Please do write if you are interested in attending!

About soul blossom centerAbout soul blossom centerAbout soul blossom center