07 Sep

"The Great Secret of Life is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction says, like attracts like, so when you think a thought, you are also attracting like thoughts to you." (The Secret, Rhonda Byrne)

When the book The Secret came out, it was something like a phenomena. Yet, the concepts in the book have been known around adept circles for millennia. Like indeed attracts like. Some would argue the Law of Attraction is one of the fundamental Laws of the Universe. What it means is that as we think, so does our world take shape around us. As our character is expressed, so too, do we attract the people, places and things that are in sympathy with our character.

The Law of Attraction can be either seen as a mystical path as some do, but it really is as basic as acknowledging that our thoughts create our reality. This concept is really mind-blowing. There isn't a human creation on the planet that didn't first exist in the mind of it's creator. It is our most Creator-like gift, to envision that which we desire and then to manifest this in reality. 

Yet, on the unconscious level, where most humans actually live, the Law of Attraction can wreak havoc in our lives. If we constantly doubt ourselves, or secretly envy and think negative thoughts about ourselves and others, we will attract that which we focus on. This goes for fear, if we project our fears constantly outward to the universe, we will attract those very situations. Understanding this concept awakens the realization that it is vitally important to watch our thoughts, and to hold our minds and intentions to what the vibration we wish to attract.

In ages past, the understanding of the Law of Attraction extended towards the natural world and the magicians of old would identify and then utilize those objects and concepts which were in sympathy with one another in order to maximize their Spells, Spells themselves being ritualized prayers of intention. For this reason, a serious practitioner of the arts would choose a red candle, along with herbs and oils aligned with love energy to attract love to him or herself. These timeworn practices are entirely useful today but the the key part of them is the belief the magician instills in the rituals and materials themselves. The power resides primarily in the mental effort.

Over the years, I have found the Law of Attraction to be a bedrock concept in my own life. I have spent years working with it to attract to myself and to those I serve the situations that would both serve them. I have also found, over time, it is very important to not treat this idea as a Santa Claus concept of the Higher Power. This is because it is best to align oneself with our own concept of the Higher Power to help manifest what is in our Highest Good and for the Good of All. We can spend a lot of frustrating time trying to manifest material things which really don't serve us and may be selfish and cause more harm than good. It is my experience these wishes generally backfire quickly or refuse to appear. We also need to discipline our minds to seek connection and understanding with our Higher Selves so that we can know what creative pulses are best and where acceptance of what is is needed. It is a lifetime process.

Finally, it has been my experience that using the Law of Attraction to manifest our desires and our highest good happens not only with effort on our part - doing the footwork - but also with the rhythms and flow of natural life. It is very rare to see manifestation happen like the fairy tales describe in a magical puff from a wand!

At Soul Blossom Center, we will be working with the Law of Attraction in our Monthly Spirit Circle and we hope you will join us as we are planning to start a new Circle this Mabon. Blessed Be, and Happy Manifestations!

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