22 Dec

For many people, the year 2020 has been quite difficult. In our home, I lost a job that was dear to me, but many others have lost their beloved family members to COVID19. With over 300K Americans dead, we have far and away the highest death toll to this terrible plague that has ravaged the world, definitely due to the deliberate and malignant politicizing of the virus for political gain by the current President and his allies in Congress and in the State houses. How differently it all could have gone, had he decided to get in front of the virus when he learned how deadly it would be, and bring the country together to fight it as one people as other countries have done, quite successfully. So also ends an incredibly contentious election season, where despite his record of human rights abuses and corruption, Trump garnered 74 million votes. Joe Biden, on the other hand, with a coalition led by black, urban women, minorities from urban areas, and many Americans tired and frightened by the direction our nation has been going, garnered over 81million votes. Trump tried to overturn the election based on his allegations of voter fraud and irregularities, however, court after court, to the tune of 59 judicial losses including 2 by the Supreme Court of the United States, have asserted that his lawyers were lying and failed to produce any real evidence. The Electoral College has already certified all of the 306 votes for Joe Biden, and short of a seditious coup, which Trump is still trying for as I write this, we should have a new President and Administration on January 21, 2021. 

I write this as a spiritual leader because it is well within the type of collective and global occurrences which are expected to take place leading up to what is being called the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, a celestial event that takes place in the heavens once a millennia. When these two planets come together, they are seen in the sky as a very bright star or sphere and they are said to herald a time when old structures, including empires, kingdoms, economic systems and paradigms collapse. Over the next three years, with Saturn entering Aquarius, the new paradigm will rise, and this itself is an indication of the Arrival of the Age of Aquarius. What does the Aquarian Age actually mean? 

The Age of Aquarius marks a great initiation for humanity, the union of these two planets release tremendous forces. Saturn entered Aquarius on 12/17/20 and will stay here until 3/7/23. Saturn is responsible for structuring the physical world and reality so this can be seen that the forward unity consciousness of the Aquarian Age. Themes that we will see come up: 

  • Freedom through Structure
  • Hard won liberation
  • Conscious and deliberate freeing oneself
  • The inability to stay stuck, falling away of old structures and paradigms
  • Giving form to new ideas and new paradigms
  • A change in direction by those in authority
  • Old things resurfacing in new ways 

 On Saturday, December 19th – Jupiter entered Aquarius, and will stay there for 5-1/2 months. This powerful conjunction can also lead to: 

  • Dramatic breakthroughs and quantum leaps
  • Rebirths and Awakenings
  • Surprising Resolutions of Problems
  • Unexpected awakenings, openings and opportunities
  • Changes of fortune and philosophies
  • Access to new levels of awareness and consciousness
  • Feelings of Eureka, breakthroughs
  • Setting Truth free
  • Ascendancy of the liberal, humanitarian and progressive impulses
  • Surges of cultural flowering

So, this is a momentous time in the skies and a momentous time in the Earth's calendar. The fact that it is coinciding with the holiday of the Winter Solstice, the first node on the Pagan Wheel of the Year, accentuates this influence as we focus on letting go of the important lessons from this past turbulent and difficult year. It’s very hopeful that perhaps we have hit a global and species bottom and a new hope and new paradigm is arising, one that will revision the best of our human evolution and knowledge and culture and create one that will anchor in the New Age.

Some people are turned off by the mention of the "New Age" because so much of it has been hijacked by those who sought to enrich themselves, appropriate the teachings of indigenous cultures and spiritual concepts from East and West, and often overlooked the need to reckon with and fully embrace the shadow side of humanity. Coming really into the Aquarian Age will most likely not be an instant spiritual bypass into a time of rainbows and togetherness, but rather a gradual falling away on the collective and personal levels of all those systems, beliefs, patterns and ways of being that no longer serve us. As was mentioned, we will also be preserving those aspects of our collective consciousness that are very old but that do serve us, and I would assert that the return to Earth-based and Nature-based spiritual practices and religious beliefs, like NeoPaganism, are part of this. Nonetheless, we will preserve the best from the past and let go of those things which are harmful and don't embrace the progressive, egalitarian, and unity consciousness that will predominate as the New Aquarian Age takes shape. 

So, to all of you, in whichever way you celebrate the Season of Yule and the Winter Solstice and Holidays, we at Soul Blossom Center which you Happy Holidays and may we all collectively vision our coming year of 2021 with hope for a wonderful age for humanity and the Earth Mother to begin.

Blessed Be

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