15 Oct

The transitional seasons of Spring and Fall, allow us the opportunity to pause and reflect on our lives, where we have just come from and where we are going. This has been a very active year for us, here at Soul Blossom Center.

 I have been immersed in graduate school and am now half-way complete towards my master’s degree in clinical counseling from Saint Bonaventure University. I have learned a great deal, and have been applying many of the techniques and insights I have received into my work with current spiritual counseling clients. I was also pleased and honored to join One Spirit Learning Alliance’s new Interspiritual Counseling and Companioning Program as a Supervisor this Fall, and to be on faculty with Grace Theological Seminary, teaching pastoral counseling to the first class of seminarians. 

My book, “Relighting the Cauldron: Nature Spirituality for the Modern World,” is in works with Llewellyn Worldwide Publications, with a target publication date of Fall/Winter 2022. Throughout all that, I am happy to continue my service to my private clients, to the staff at the Omega Institute, and to the Soul Blossom Circle cohort set for their Wiccan initiation at Samhain. Chris is taking his driving career to a new level and is training at the Commercial Driving CDL School in Albany for truck driving. While we have been so busy, we haven’t seen very much of each other, but we were happy to celebrate our first year anniversary wedding anniversary with friends and family at our home at the end of August. 

This week, I received a wonderful Akashic Records reading at The Omega Institute with talented reader, Karen Beth. It was helpful for me to see the direction that lies before me. With all of that going on, I can feel a bit frightened to see where it is all leading, and she assured me that the guides are urging me to complete all of this work now, and timely, because it is so needed in this world. I explained that while it is great to get the ego recognition for the work I am doing, my real reason is to be part of the shift in consciousness for our planet, for fellow humans, and for the world. I want to be able to now offer my gifts to the world in a way that can help people. I look forward to planning my mental health training placement so that I can begin to service many who have been despondent and suffering, begin to realize they are truly whole, and the path to self-healing can be theirs as well. I know this, because this has been my own journey for over 20 years. 

So, at this time, I encourage you before the busyness of the Holiday Season distracts you, do some of your own soul reflection, how has your year been? Have you achieved the harvest you desired, if not, which harvest did you reap this year? What seeds would you like to plant for the new season to begin after Yule? I look forward to having some more quiet time to enjoy the season of sleep, dreams, rest, and snow, which is rapidly approaching in the Hudson Valley, and plan to allow myself some extra sleep and rest. However, if you are interested in working with me, to reconnect with your own inner wisdom, and learn ways to incorporate Nature Spirituality into your own life, please do reach out. May the darkness which is coming, bring you pleasant dreams of a bright return in the Spring.         

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