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     One aspect of healing that I have added to my toolbox for clients is the use of energy healing. Energy healing is an ancient and universal practice, and throughout the indigenous world, a variety of energetic healing techniques can be found worldwide.  Elder wisdom keepers are often described in anthropology as the original psychologists, and often incorporate various ways to raise, direct and clear energy centers to promote healing, including through song, dance, drumming, and various forms of hands-on healing.[1]  

     There is a growing interest and support for energy healing techniques today in Western culture, especially among holistic practitioners. Energy healing is based on the concept of the human biofield. In a peer reviewed paper published regarding healing touch therapy, the authors of the paper defined the human biofield as “The physical aspect of the individualized field of energy in which electrical activity functions as a complex organized system or whole.[2]” 

     Today, Western-trained medical and psychology professionals who incorporate energy healing techniques into their practice feel they align well with the concept of quantum physics which differs from classical physics in that it includes an understanding of particle and wave duality.  

     Energy healing is a part of New Age practice. While many healers work within traditional Japanese reiki lineages, some proport to have received their techniques directly from Spirit guides, ascended masters, or the Universe itself. They say their practices harness earth energies or light frequencies and can help clear the mind and body from blockages, mental imbalances, and disease. Learning to channel these energies require training and direct “transmissions” of energy, which through an altered state of consciousness. One such lineage is the Magical Awakenings® system of Energy Healing, a direct transmission received and taught by Energy healing master, Brett Bevell of the Omega Institute.[3] 

     In this system, Brett teaches a direct transmission lineage that is modeled on the Celtic Shamanic system that states there are three cauldrons within our body, which when activated, generate divine energy that can be directed towards healing of self, others, situations and our surroundings. Within the system, the guides known historically as Merlin and the Lady of The Lake are the Divine avatars of magical energy healing who help the healer access and transmit the cauldron energies. They also direct the practitioner’s mastery for using elemental energy of air, water, earth and fire.[4]  This is the lineage that I have received activation in, and have been enjoying sharing with my clients.  Each season at Omega, Brett teaches this system of activation at the Omega Institute, so please visit their website for more information: www.eomega.org

     One aspect of natural wisdom has always been to realize internal universal rhythms and energy forces and develop practices and technologies to help us to keep ourselves in balance so that we in turn will lead a balanced life, in rhythm with the Earth’s energies and our relationship with our world. Nature spirituality embracing an understanding of the value of these practices. A desired goal of energy healing is to raise our consciousness to elevate our thoughts to a higher plane and to heal our bodies and minds from the struggles of modern life and modern illnesses. When we raise consciousness, we are able to transcend change, to arrive at a state of non-duality, of unity, and to access the power of the universe itself. In this time of uncertainty, of COVID19 variants, and during the season of winter and death, energy healing can help to keep our bodies, minds, and spirits in balance and working from a state of optimal health.  

     If you are interested in beginning the New Year with an energy healing or spiritual counseling session, I am happy to discuss options with you and answer your questions. Blessed be, to all our clients and friends of Soul Blossom Center for the New Year of 2022!

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