Interspiritual counseling and companioning sessions with Rev. Wendy are available. Wendy follows the model of Interspirituality coined by Rev. Wayne Teasdale, that says within all of the world's spiritual traditions are core truths and shared values and practices. Wendy is a trained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister and counselor, as well as a clinical mental health counselor, provisionally licensed in the State of New York. Wendy can help you to access your own relationship to the Divine, to manifest that wisdom in your life, and to fully integrate all aspects of who you are for optimal health and wellness. People who come from Earth-based and Nature spiritual traditions are very welcome, as are spiritual but not religious, or people from more traditional religious backgrounds interested in deepening an inclusive, holistic path. Wendy is also a certified Intuitive Consultant and can provide intuitive guidance working with your guides and providing intuitive readings and shamanic journeys. Pricing is a suggested sliding scale: Spiritual counseling/companioning: $50/half hour $85-150 - 50–60-minute sessions. Most clients are monthly or twice a month. Weeknights on zoom or in person.

  • Category: Our Courses
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
  • Address: 140 Gallis Hill Road, Kingston, NY, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Available via Zoom or in person




Spiritual counseling, also called Spiritual Direction, is the art of companioning people on the spiritual journey.  As interspiritual counselors, I provide compassionate and respectful spiritual care to people of all faiths – as well as folks who identify as spiritual but not religious or are simply curious and inquiring in matters of spirit. I will help you to seek to live in alignment with your own concept of Higher Power while supporting your spiritual unfolding.